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Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

Maintain your lawn. Home buyers like to do drive-bys. A well manicured lawn and clean windows are a plus. Clean the drain gutters and store all the lawn care items out of view.

Remove worn out items. Take a look around and make a list of components of your home that are worn out but move carefully with the updates. You should determine which updates make sense from a cost vs. recovery standpoint. You do not necessarily need to replace items that you know most home buyers would replace anyway.

Odors. Yes that's right odors; especially odors from cigarette smoke and pets can be major deal breakers.

Pets. If you have pets you should remove them during showings if possible. Dogs frighten some people.

Bright rooms look larger. Add additional lights, and if you paint use a light color if possible.

Make sure the bathrooms are clean. Buy new rugs shower curtains and towels.

Don't hang around for the showings. Homebuyers feel awkward about lingering for a really good look if a homeowner is hovering around.

Remove small appliances from the countertops, remove small photographs, and organize closets, cabinets and cupboards.

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